Worm Drives

Open Worm Drives

  • Small Worm Drives
  • Medium Worm Drives
  • Heavy Duty Worm Drives

Other Worm Drives

  • Mini worm drive
  • Medium worm drive w/ 2 worms
  • Heavy duty drive w/ 2 worms
  • Heavy duty worm drive w/ double row slewing ring
  • Heavy duty drive w/ pinion
  • Heavy duty drive w/ 2 pinions

Worm Drive Systems

The PSL worm drives system is a compact unit, which consists of a PSL slewing ring, base plate and worm drives. The design is suitable for a slow rotation with continuous or cyclical movements capable of handling combined loads.

PSL systems are manufactured and produced with a multiple combinations that are suitable for most common applications in today's industry, such as aerial platforms, positioners, cranes and more.

    The top advantages of a PSL worm drive systems are:
  • Continuous or cyclical rotation of the connected superstructure
  • Various connections with the driving motor
  • Simple installation
  • Rational space utilization
  • Reliable operation with low maintenance requirements
  • The gear is self-locking; therefore a break is not necessary.