Slewing Rings and Turntable Bearings

Slewing Ring Characteristics

Otherwise known as turntable bearings, are large diameter bearings designed and constructed to control various types of loading including axial, radial and tilting moment loads. PSL has the capability to produce these rings and bearings up to 157” (4,000 mm).

Normally slewing rings or turntable bearings can be provided with various types & sizes of holes; as well as either a gearless, internal, or external gear configuration; lubrication holes and grease seals. In special instances, slewing rings can be provided with a cross rolling element or with either a double row or triple row internal configuration. Combined, all of these variables can be offered by PSL to their customer as a compact and economical arrangement for their basic and complex slewing rings and turntable bearings needs alike.


PSL's slewing rings and other products have proven effective in many diverse applications including the following: construction equipment including mobile and pillar cranes, shovel & digging excavators, waste water treatment machinery, wind-power generation, revolving grabbers and winches, graders, logging industry machines, loaders, axles and undercarriages, assembly line access platforms, robots, manipulators and petitioners, machine tools, & special equipment such as radar antennas, packaging machinery, rescue vehicles, aerials, fellerbunchers, tunnel machinery, drilling equipment, and cleaning & bottling machines.


The meaning and sequence of symbols used for PSL slewing rings designation: