Roller Bearings, Slewing Bearings,
and Worm Drives
Welcome to PSL of America

We are the North American division of PSL,a.s., a world class bearing manufacturer based in Europe with a rich 60 year tradition in designing and manufacturing bearings of many types.

PSL's production program includes custom slewing bearings / turntable bearings which can be externally geared, internally geared, or gearless ranging in diameters from 8 inches to 11 feet. In addition, we carry and manufacture various sizes of tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and worm drive systems.

Many turntable bearings are available from stock or through aggressive lead-times. The marketplace in which PSL serves, crosses many manufacturing boundaries which include typical applications such as forestry equipment, cranes, excavators, aerial work platforms, gear boxes, torque hubs and rolling mill equipment, as well as specialized applications such as wind turbines and deep space antenna equipment.

PSL uses state of the art NC and CNC machinery and is certified ISO 9001, QS9000, and VDA 6.1. These quality standards are incorporated during all phases of the designing and manufacturing stages including turning, drilling, gear cutting, hobbing, grinding, heat treatment/hardening, and assembling. We truly believe in and embody "Quality for Heavy Duty".

PSL understands the competitive market place that affects businesses globally and offers world class quality, low costing, ambitious stocking and inventory programs. Through expert engineering consultants and excellent customer service, PSL is solely committed to meeting all of the customer's specialized needs.

For more information, please submit your online "Request a Slewing Ring" technical questionnaire or call PSL of America for product and technical assistance information at 1-330-405-1888.